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Aphrodisiac / Ashwagandha Extract Capsules – 60 Capsules

Key Benefits

Boost testosterone and increase fertility
-Lowers Cortisol Levels & Stress
-Boost brain function
-Help fight symptoms of anxiety and depression
– Anti- cancer properties


Ancient Nutraceutials’ Ashwagandha Extract is produced from a Combination of Ashwagandha Extract and Powder. Additionally Black Pepper Extract is present to ensure maximum effectiveness. Ashwagandha is known for reducing cortisol levels & helping with Stress, apart from being a Vitality booster!

Our Ashwagandha Helps To:


Naturally Reduce Stress & Cortisol Levels*

Promote A Healthy Stress Response*

Elevate Mood & Feel-Good Hormones*

Strengthen the Immune System*

Promote Restful & High-Quality Sleep*

Naturally Boost Energy Levels & Vitality*

Optimize Metabolism & Weight Loss*

Enhance Feelings of Peace & Calmness*


What is Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is a tonic herb with a variety of therapeutic uses. It is especially prized in the Ayurvedic herbal tradition and is commonly known as Indian ginseng, or winter cherry. Ashwagandha a perennial herb native to Southern Asia and is cultivated in the drier regions of Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and India.


Can Reduce Blood Sugar Levels.

In several studies, ashwagandha has been shown to lower blood sugar levels. One study found that it increased insulin secretion and improved insulin sensitivity in muscle cells. Another study has confirmed its ability to reduce blood sugar levels in both healthy people and those with diabetes. What’s more, in a small study in six people with type 2 diabetes, supplementing with ashwagandha for 30 days lowered fasting blood sugar levels as effectively as an oral diabetes medication.


Can Reduce Cortisol Levels.

Cortisol is known as a “stress hormone” because your adrenal glands release it in response to stress, as well as when your blood sugar levels get too low. Unfortunately, in some cases, cortisol levels may become chronically elevated, which can lead to high blood sugar levels and increased fat storage in the abdomen. Studies have shown that ashwagandha may help reduce cortisol levels. In one study in chronically stressed adults, those who supplemented with ashwagandha had significantly greater reductions in cortisol, compared to the control group. Those taking the highest dose had a 30% reduction, on average.


Combat Stress and Anxiety.

Ashwagandha is perhaps best known for its ability to reduce stress. Researchers reported that it blocked the stress pathway in the brains of rats by regulating chemical signaling in the nervous system. Several controlled human studies have shown that it can effectively reduce symptoms in people with stress and anxiety disorders as well. In a 60-day study in 64 people with chronic stress, those in the supplemental group reported a 69% average reduction in anxiety and insomnia, compared to 11% in the placebo group.


Brain Boosting.

Another major perk of ashwagandha’s ability to support and enhance the nervous system is amped up, clearer brain power. As it normalizes imbalances in the body, ashwagandha can simultaneously calm the nerves and boost energy. By allowing your body to utilize oxygen more efficiently, it enhances all aspects of cognitive function, including focus, concentration, and memory.


Strengthen Immune System.

Under conditions of chronic stress, our bodies break down because our immune systems are compromised. It’s no surprise, then, that when ashwagandha swoops in and saves the day on the stress front, it’s also doing double duty to boost your immunity. When you nix chronic stress, your immune system can carry out its protective duties a whole lot better.


Lower Cholesterol Naturally.

Ashwagandha root, with its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, is good for cardiovascular problems. It strengthens the heart muscles and can also control cholesterol. A study published by the University of Arizona in the World Journal of Medical Sciences indicated that it possesses hypolipidemic properties that help in bringing down blood cholesterol levels.



Suggested Usage

Take 1 capsule 2 times daily, with a meal

Active Ingredient

Ashwagandha powder – 200mg

Ashwagandha Extract – 300mg

Black Pepper Extract – 10mg


**Made in Sri Lanka

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